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You need a portfolio, you'll never be able to land an internship if you don't have a portfolio, everyone kept telling me. It was somewhere around 2002 or 2003, and I was studying Media Technology: an unusual major that combined a number of technical, design, and project management aspects. And especially for the more design-oriented students it was true, you do actually need a portfolio if you're looking for an internship.

So somewhere in that first year I, like many of my fellow students, got to work and started to create a portfolio. Its contents consisted of a number of projects we worked on during our study, combined with a number of freelance projects I'd been able to work on.

It's now many years later. I did manage to land that first internship. I kept the portfolio website around when looking for the second internship, and then after that when I was looking for my first job. And my second job. The portfolio became increasingly less important, but I couldn't put my heart into deleting it, considering the role it played in this whole journey.

So that's where we are today. This website is now fairly irrelevant, and I haven't actively referred people to it for around a decade. As far as I know the only people ending up here are those that encountered me somewhere in our professional lives and are now Googling my name. Still, I'm going to let it stick around, as a reminder both of where I stand today and where I came from.

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