Colorize is a creative digital agency. I was involved with Colorize since its launch in 2007, and eventually becoming a co-owner in 2009. I left in 2011 to work at SIG, but Colorize continues to exist to this day.

Colorize's services mainly consist of designing and developing online communication for small to medium-sized companies. This online communication can consist of websites, apps, and videos. In addition to these services Colorize also offers a number of (software) products.

Colorize logo in 2007

Colorize logo in 2009

Colorize logo today

Although Colorize has always been a small company, with a peak of 4 people in 2009, it felt like a huge thing to be involved as a co-owner. I gained an enormous amount of experience in various areas, some of which has proven to be immensely useful to this day (design, copywriting, product development, customer relations). I also learned a lot of things related to running a company, from the essential to the obscure (try figuring out Dutch tax rules when you're selling products via the internet). All of this made Colorize an unforgettable experience, and I look back on this period with both happyness and pride.

Colorize website in 2007

Colorize website in 2009

Colorize website today

Some of the projects and products I worked on while at Colorize, both for customers and for our "own" products, have their own article on this website:

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